Safety Signs Audits and Installations

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Installation of Signs
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Spill control and Absorbtion Assessment Report

Safety Signs Audits and Installations

We work closely with BRADY who are specialized in signs printing and manufacturing rigid signs. We make sure that the sufficient copies of mandatory Health and Safety Law posters displayed in meaningful positions within the work environment. Prohibition warning and mandatory safety signs that we provide conform to the regulations and are the appropriate colour.

    We have an experienced team of engineers whose performance include :
  • Complete documented site audits
  • Make proper Material selection
  • Inspection and Supervision
  • Quantity Estimation
  • Consultancy on meeting International Standards
  • Installation of Signs

Our Strategies include the projects where there is a risk of colliding with obstacles or of falling are permanently marked with a safety colour and/or with signboards. we ensure that the traffic routes are permanently marked with the safety colour. Signs on pipelines are marking to indicate their content.we make sure all emergency routes and exits are indicated by signs. Permanent signboards are used for signs relating to prohibitions, warnings and mandatory requirements and the location and identification of emergency escape routes and first-aid facilities.

If the hearing or sight of any employee is impaired for any reason, for example, by the wearing of personal protective equipment we take additional measures to ensure that employees can understand the warning sign or signal for example by increasing the volume or brilliance.

    The Safety Audits are not limited to signs, but also include :
  • Procedure Writing Services
  • LOTO devices
  • Spill Control and Absorbtion Assessment Report

Information on the measures to be taken in connection with the safety signs is provided to each of employees. we make sure that the employees receive sufficient and precide instruction and training in the meaning of safety signs and the measures to be taken in connection with the safety signs. we ensure that your employees fully understand the meaning of fire safety signs the workplace and how to give warning in case of fire. We ensure that employees have relevant information relating to chemical or substances ie information posters or signs.

Warning Safety Signs

Warning safety signs that we recommend conform to the relevant colour and regulations in meaningful locations.